Series of Posts

The Renewal Pages

Living Close to the Earth includes Stretching Toward Radiant Health; Working Close to Home; Tending Projects and Attitudes; and Embracing the Earth.

A New Kind of Family includes The Underlying Assumptions; Five Core Social Skills; and A Social Covenant.

A Transformational Journey includes The Soul Is Not Human; The Four Cairns; and A Prayer Bead Necklace.

Early Letters

Early Letters: 1 includes December 1974; January 1975.

Early Letters: 2 includes February 1975; March 1975.

Early Letters: 3 includes April 1975; May 1975.

School of the Spirit

School of the Spirit: 1 includes Prologue; A Quaker Retreat; Rescue 8;
and Light Morning.

School of the Spirit: 2 includes Wax Statues; The Vipassana Experience;
A Personal God; and Testing the Water.

Strong Dreams

Strong Medicine Dreams tells how Joyce and I ventured into the numinous world
of dreams; and draws a distinction between regular dreams and those that are strongly medicinal.

The Advocate includes My Father; Flood Waters Rising; The Burning Tower; Choosing a Crew; Under the Shadow of Thy Wings; and Amplifying the Dream.