My Unintended Leave of Absence

Bob Dylan, 1964

After having posted here each Wednesday for 56 weeks, my well-established habit unraveled. I lay the blame for this lapse squarely at the feet of Bob Dylan. Having recently completed “A Sword In My Side,” the synchronicity-laced account of my first 10-day Vipassana meditation course (which begins here), I turned to “The Lofty Chronicles,” a series of stories about child-led learning in the early pioneering days of Light Morning (which begins here).

In April, however, I was seduced by a treacherous impulse. In one of those predawn moments of seeming lucidity, I was given the title for another post: “Practicing Vipassana at the Gates of Eden.” It was to be a deeper exploration of why I sit for meditation each day and it would utilize lyrics from “The Gates of Eden,” a surreal song Bob Dylan wrote in 1964. Instead, the impulse led me down a rabbit hole of hallucinatory lyrics, multiple drafts, and missed deadlines.

That post still wants to be written, but I have to ripen into more of a readiness to write it. In the meantime, the “Seasonal Images” for spring and summer have been patiently waiting their turn and the continuation of “The Lofty Chronicles” is also pending. So today, as the autumnal constellation Orion rises in the still-dark morning sky, I am returning from an unintended leave of absence from this website and will resume my habit of posting here each Wednesday.

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