Stand-Alone Posts

A Midwinter Pilgrimage includes The Three-Legged Stool; Discerning Core Values; Common Vision, Covenanting, Coaching; Crewing a Sailing Vessel; and A Dream Teacher’s Three Questions.

The Founders’ Dilemma explores “the creative tension between affirming the original intent of a community, while at the same time being deeply responsive
to the need for growth, flexibility, fresh air.”

The Gift of Beauty includes A Flight of Pelicans; Beauty Makes the Soul
Feel At Home; Beauty Is Empowering; Beauty Is an Antidote for Loneliness;
and Beauty Heals Shame.

Befriending Dangerous Neighbors includes Timber Rattlesnakes; Eastern Copperheads.

Still Mowing After All These Years is a short story of Marlene’s love of mowing.

An Unintended Leave of Absence offers a brief account of how I temporarily lost the habit of posting to this website each Wednesday.