The A.L.M. Readings: 1 — The Offering of a Name

The Offering of a Name

June 2oth, 1973


Light Morning has its roots in the intuitive guidance that was received for nine months in Virginia Beach in the early 1970’s. Out of this guidance, in the form of “readings”, came both the vision for the community and the passion to translate that vision into our daily lives. During the following seasons, we will share some of these “ALM Readings” in our online Journal.

The tone and language of the readings is mystical and Christian. Some of us were more comfortable with this “dialect” than were others. Gradually, however, we all grew into the understanding that what was being conveyed was much more important than the particular language in which it was being conveyed.

The passage below is an exploration of why the name Associations of the Light Morning was offered for the common work to which we were being called. It seems even more relevant and evocative now, during this troubled Autumn of 2001, than it did in the Summer of 1973.

* * *

Question–We are grateful for the name, Associations of the Light Morning, which was offered to us during the reading session of last Friday evening. If it be right, would you please discuss the significance of this name-how and why it was chosen to be offered to us-that we may grow into a deeper understanding and appreciation of its meanings and of its implications concerning our past, present, and future purposes and opportunities as a group.

Response–This was given as an understanding description as to what this group might grow to offer, to be, in many respects. “Associations” pertaining to those that will come and go, and will gain from such a touching. Not so much those that would become a permanent part of such a group, but even those touching in their experience in the earth plane. That they might gain for themselves a better understanding, or a greater love and devotion for mankind and the purpose of man within the earth, that his soul might grow closer to the Creative Forces.

That these would pertain not only to those directly involved with the group, but all those that might become, in one form or another, attached in their various ways, coming and going. That it might be a more general association. That those that are outside of it, as such, would feel included, rather than excluded. That it would not be so exclusive (as that of a club connotation or such); but that all might feel, who come to this, in one understanding or another, the kinship with such a vibration and understanding set up through such channels.

And for, then, the “Light Morning”-There will grow and is growing upon the earth in many forms (in individuals, in thoughts, in spiritual ideals, and through the earth itself) there is building darkness, in the form of ignorance, abuse, lack of love, understanding, compassion, cooperation-all those attributes which the Father would have in man.

For without these, he cannot come to the throne; he cannot even know the throne. It is through the understanding of these very attributes (how they come to be a part of man, how they come to be part of the living structure in the family of man, and how they come to be an expression, then, through the activities in this structure), it is these that will make the difference.

But the darkness is coming upon the earth now. For there are many who do not see, who do not hear, who do not heed, who feel threatened-for their very existence would hinge upon their attachment to things which do not sprout or have their root within the spiritual ideals, which is the reality.

However, the realities made within the humans (within the minds, within the bodies, and manifesting in physical forms without the bodies) become to many so over-powering that these become the realities. Here is the chance (in a form, in part) to bring about that change; to help restore the correct balance, from what is the [present] reality, to what [now only] seems to be such a reality.

Here, then, may come from the darkness a new beginning, a light dawn, a light morning. For from the morning comes the noon and the bright day. Only can these be born if there are the seeds, if there is the understanding, if there is the new form of approach, of ideals, of structure, of trying to perceive and enact within the structure of the physical and mental life, the spiritual ideals of the Father.

For these have been put forth, and the universe has been created upon such laws and ideals that center about love. And without a greater understanding and striving for the universality of such a concept, there cannot come again the oneness in creation, of man to his Maker, that there once has been. Again, there can be.

And with this there might come the beginning of a new dawn-when those who see the darkness might then open their eyes to the light; when those who are down-trodden might then reach up a helping hand to that which might seem real, when those things that seem real now begin to crumble and perish before their very eyes.

And with, then, the past associations that have been here, and with those of the future associations that will come: Those that have gathered around this, that will gather around this, have in great part been involved with and shall be involved with the manner of teaching spirit, teaching spirituality, in a form of practical application, that might begin to make sense to the man who has had little contact with such things in the past, in this present, or contacts with such spiritual concepts that cannot fulfill, then, the needs which he finds in and around him.

These, then, will be the fulfilling of such obligations and structures taken on. That those who have the ability to teach, those that have the ability to perceive and to put into action (at least in part, if not wholly) those things which may be received, then there might be the dawning light. Not only in self, but for those who might see also from their darkness, which becomes too heavy and has no answer, no lightness.

Therefore, those things which were given to indicate such scopes of work, of ideas, of ideals, of giving, of love, of understanding, of the practical application of spiritual concepts, in new forms that have not been considered heretofore for generations. These, then, you see, would be the implications here for rebuilding those systems, those ideals, those structures, those patterns, which have served in the past, which must serve now, to bring about a new order in chaos.

The A.L.M. Readings: 2 — Meditation, Prayer, and Dreams


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An earlier Journal article, The Offering of a Name, describes where the name for our community came from. The introduction to that article includes a brief explanation of what “The ALM Readings” are:

Light Morning has its roots in the intuitive guidance that was received for nine months in Virginia Beach in the early 1970’s. Out of this guidance, in the form of “readings,” came both the vision for the community and the passion to translate that vision into our daily lives. During the following seasons, we will share some of these “ALM Readings” in our online Journal.

The tone and language of the readings is mystical and Christian. Some of us were more comfortable with this “dialect” than were others. Gradually, however, we all grew into the understanding that what was being conveyed was much more important than the particular language in which it was being conveyed.

The following “reading” was given in 1973 for a woman who wanted guidance on the use of her dreams, and how to “better understand the communications that take place in this state of consciousness.” The response to her request indicated that dreams can be fully understood only when they are used in conjunction with meditation and prayer.

Question–Please give advice or guidance for this individual concerning the use of her dreams-what they are and how to better understand the communications that take place in this state of consciousness.

Response–The state of sleep is a change of consciousness somewhat similar to that of a consciousness which would be left when the body is put aside, in that experience even as death. And yet, not exactly the same. This state of consciousness (or being) that is freed from the self when there is sleep upon the body is as an anesthesia to the body, which enables there to be healing, restful presence, and a freedom of inhibitions of the consciousness.

In this state, the soul or spiritual essence of the body (which is but a shell) may be freed, that the experiences which you call dreams may occur with the action and experience of the soul-force in attunement (free from the body) with the Creative Forces, in such a manner that there comes the experience, actual experience of what has come to pass, in the memory, upon waking.

These experiences are of such a nature that they reveal to the conscious mind, through the subconscious avenues and expression, the various thoughts, oversights, hopes, admonitions, prayers, and answers to those things which have been raised up. By studying these and beginning to understand and realize their reality, one might guide his life (or her life, as the case may be) into a greater attunement with the Creative Forces to a straighter path of expression in the Earth plane.

For these-if paid attention to, brought back in the memory, written and kept and studied, interpreted as actual experiences which are symbolic, and yet real, in their nature-become guidelines to such an extent that one should be able to understand and rectify all those things in the life which are of an imperfect nature; [and] also know all those things which have come to pass in the past, which would be of a pertinent and important nature [and] helpful to this existence; and to even know those things which shall come to pass in the future-in the present future, and the far distant future, also.

If we would come to know how to use these indications and interpretations and signs and symbols in a greater perfection of use than many now even believe exist, then there is nothing that could be or would be unknown to any one entity in Earth. These expressions (the dreams) are the soul record and communication with the higher forces of creativity that are a link with the Creative Forces, that enables man, in his finite nature, to know and feel his Creator and attune himself to these Creative Forces (or God) in a more spiritually refined manner. That he may see himself as he really is. For without this, there cannot come those changes which need to be. See?

This, then, would be one of thy greatest opportunities-to remember these dreams as they have been; [to] record them as they have been experienced; and [to] read them (that is, interpret them) as they have been given, that a greater perfection may be perceived and then also enacted within and around and throughout the body. See?

This cannot be a purpose total within itself. There must be the meditations. There must be the prayers. For if there is not that sincerity, that devotion, that desire within to become attuned so with the Creative Forces, then there will not come the understanding, even with the dreams collected, that might be to thy greatest advantage in the times to come.

Use these, then, as tools, and know that the Lord has set each one here to be of service to himself, through [service to] his fellow man and through service to the Father in heaven. And thus raising himself closer to the love of God, which brings such joy of mounting ecstasy that none, none would turn it aside.

Question–Can some further advice be given on meditation, prayer, and dreams, that might illuminate more clearly what each is and how they relate to each other, day by day, in a quest for spiritual unfolding?

Response–The Lord is within and about each soul continuously. For as the Lord has created His children, He is also their caretaker and leaves them not unto their own devices. For they are weak and have little knowledge and are so attuned to their physical senses, as such, that they forget and stumble often.

Prayer is the instrument that the Father has given through which each individual may open himself and raise up his vibration in asking, in supplication, yea in joy and in praise, and in offering self as an opening, as a channel for receiving the Father’s love.

For it is there, but cannot be received except by the asking, by the raising of self. For if self is not open, there cannot be the receiving. If thine eyes are closed, they do not see. If the ears are clogged, they do not hear. If the heart is hard, it does not love.

Prayer, then, lifts self up to open the eyes, to clear the ears, to soften the heart, that what is there may be felt and perceived. And that vibration, which is sent in such a direction, gathers and attracts that which would be part of the experience in the same. For that which comes to thee is attracted by thy very own vibrations (in any manner) in the physical world.

The meditations are the periods of quietness-beyond the supplication, beyond the joy [and] the praise, beyond the prayer of protection and [of] other sorts. Never asking, then, for material means, but knowing that the Father provides that which is needed. Raise yourself up and open yourself in faith, knowing that the Father shall give what is needed, that the spirit shall be free in its very essence to be again one with the Creative Forces.

Meditation is that which is the link between the physical body and the spirit within and above, where the physical and the spirit come together in an understanding of vibration that brings the spirit to a vibrational point of contact with the bodily forces, and is a building mechanism and [a] spiritualizing force within any given body. See?

Question–Yes, in part. As to the building, this refers to the physical level, within the very cells?


An explanation of dreams has partly been given. The combination of the prayer and the meditation and the dream application is important in that the prayer is used as an acknowledgment, as setting up the vibration of spiritual attunement and protection of spirit in the Creative Forces (of a positive nature), in the Lord God, that self may become open through meditation to receive that which is needed to help the individual become a spiritual expression of the Creative Forces in a physical form.

The dreams, then, are generated through the desire and application of such ideals that bring about the soul-searching developments and situations that need direct working and change within the body to bring a greater development of the soul to the Creative Forces, and the expression of same.

This, in a daily application, becomes a part and a way of life that brings to the individual who would use such tools as a normal procedure, a balance and perception that changes the body physically; the mind, also physically and mentally; and the spirit-in such forms that self may not be particularly aware of the changes day by day, but [that] over periods of time there may be noticed the great changes of attitudes, emotions, applications of spiritual truths and principles, and daily processes within the life. Being surprised sometimes, and becoming more aware of weaknesses that may be made strengths in their stead.

Without the use of these tools within the daily life one becomes frustrated, feeling empty, and searching for it knows not what. Keeping, then, the self (from self’s own un-application of these) from growing, and sometimes [brings] retrograding action in its stead. See?

These tools are given [so] that the physical and the mental and the spiritual bodies may become more greatly attuned. For there is the personality and the individuality of an entity. When they are far apart, there is little expression of spiritual application within an individual within the physical plane. But when these begin to more greatly merge one with the other, then there is the cleansing and the purging that brings about a greater spiritual application, in time.

This can be accomplished only through having the will in self willing to be that of the Father in heaven. And these applications of prayer and meditations and dreams, and then putting into action those things which are gained from these, will bring the growth in the soul. See?