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Frugal Weddings
I was in town the other day and caught a piece of an Oprah Winfrey show... The experts concluded that there's no such thing as a $5K wedding (even a simple, under a hundred, affair, they said, runs at least $20K) ...I was startled. I know that I am often out of touch with the price of things these days, but this one got to me. Has our culture really come so far down the cash intensive road that we have forgotten how to do weddings that don't cost a fortune? (Read Full Article)
Keep the Home Fires Burning
..Suddenly, while shoveling [snow], I realized just how figuratively I'd always taken that phrase. Keep the home fires burning. Keep things nice; keep it feeling homey. But in our self-chosen lifestyle the words have a fiercely literal relevance. (Read Full Article)
The Founders’ Dilemma
Many of our communities are just now reaching that sobering age when we start to question our immortality. The founders are aging, as are many long-time members. Meanwhile, there is a surge of interest in the communities movement among younger people, who see this lifestyle as a partial solution to the multiple crises facing our world. At the place where these two phenomena meet lies a crucial challenge--the blending of old and new. (Read Full Article)
Striving to Die Smilingly
"I'm keeping both sides open, Robert. I'm going to pursue whatever experimental therapies I can. I know the odds aren't so great, but there are spontaneous remissions, and I'm open to that. But I'm also open to this being my time to go. And if it is my time, I want to go well." (Read Full Article)
Reaching Out
It was so good to get your letter, despite the pain. I am sitting here at my desk, watching several spicebush swallowtails working the hosta and the coneflowers outside my window. The beauty is intense, yet carries with it the sadness of which you speak. How long can Nature tolerate our foolishness? Will everything so fragile and precious be destroyed? Or will we somehow "get it" before it's altogether too late? (Read Full Article)
Exploring the Vortex
How a visitor experiences Light Morning is a largely unpredictable meshing of the personal intent they bring with them, plus the "institutional" intent, or vortex, or energy field they find when they arrive. The former has to do with a visitor's readiness and willingness to move into the "stretch zone." The latter is a mysterious creature, shaped by the dreams and aspirations of all those who have touched or been touched by this place over the years. (Read Full Article)
A Magical Equilibrium
Every community, I believe, weaves an intricate web of forces that strive to maintain an equilibrium of magic. Over time, a community develops a sense of identity and purpose. Much like an ecosystem's complex, self-regulating system of checks and balances, it will preserve its core focus, sometimes even in the face of drastic interference. (Read Full Article)
Snowberry Renovation
Now and then we glimpse a world not predicated on duality. In such a world there are no accidents, and the sharp distinction between inner work and outer work is blurred. Even a seemingly mundane project like renovating a fire-scorched cabin can become imbued with unexpected significance. (Read Full Article)
A Hero’s March
In my eyes, she is a hero. / I smell cookies and pumpkin pie / whenever she comes for a lesson, / and always I think how much her / grandchildren must love her. / But hunched at the monitor, / she seems tiny and insecure. (Read Full Article)
Remembering Tom
Tom offered us his assistance in many, many ways--first and foremost, with his quiet time alone in meditation and prayer... his continued reading of the Joel Goldsmith books (The Infinite Way)... his dream-sharing at mealtimes... and his passion and appreciation for Nature, especially butterflies (be it a real butterfly flying around, or a butterfly pin, or a butterfly sticker, no matter the size or color). (Read Full Article)
The A.S.U. Students Weekend
Somewhere in The Little Prince, there's a wonderful line. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." I didn't have an opportunity to talk with many of you in person this weekend. But your energy shines. Your enthusiasm for what you hold dear is not only inspiring; it's contagious. (Read Full Article)
The Shop-Keeper’s Assistant
This is about two Germans who lived in the earlier part of the 20th century. While in one way it is like any other love story, in another, it is completely different. (Read Full Article)
The Need for Deep Healing
Even in the best of circumstances, death is hard. Especially if you were close to the person who died, the loss is hard to assimilate. It's difficult to find acceptance, to let go, to move on. But when that person dies young, like Nate (who was 22), it's doubly hard. And when their death is self-chosen, when it is voluntary and premeditated, the impact can be brutal for those left behind. (Read Full Article)